Wham Bam at BE Festival 2015

Wham Bam! and the Corporeal Improvisation workshop

I have attached the photos taken by Jemina Boraccino for the workshop and the Wham Bam event which took place at the BE Festival on Wednesday June 24, 2015.  For me, it was a unforgettable 45minute experience to share my passion with performance artists from many parts of Europe and even Tunisia.

Although the Wham Bam! event itself was constrained by time (we only had 45 minutes),  everyone had a chance to participate and to express themselves… even Erin, my 21 month-old daughter.  Her participation was a true surprise and an extra gift in this world of improvisation.


What is Wham Bam!?

Budding actors, musicians and dancers of all backgrounds are invited to play together using the language of body and movement. The goal of this workshop is to establish a common ground for listening where different styles of movement can come together. Participants will discover the differences between dramatic movement and lyrical movement, as well as mime, mimic and mimesis as modes of communication.

After the workshops participants will get the chance to perform as part of Wham Bam! Let’s get it on ma’am, a unique improvisation event where dance, theatre, mime and music, both professional and amateur, collide in an improvised play.

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