Kang San-eh Concert 2012

at Divan du Monde, Paris

From Pure Rock, a profound Blues, and a touch of Funk….

[az_dropcap mode=”dropcap-color”]K[/az_dropcap]ang San-eh, Legend of Korean Rock and Folk, is presented for the first time in Europe. To celebrate his 20 years of his career, he has chosen to slap awake the Parisian public with his deep voice during a very unique concert experience. From Japan to the Philippines and of course Korea, this free spirit is known as one of the most creative singer/songwriter of his generation. Never fixed to a style, he reinvents his music with each album, which reflect his artistic encounters and influences.

Above all, this artist known as “the Bob Dylan of Korea” has a talent of capturing the public and never letting them go till the very end.

Opening Act: TELEFERIK vist website

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December 5, 2012 – 7:30pm

Le Divan du Monde
75 Rue de Martyrs
75018 Paris

Why is Pas de Dieux producing a Kang San-eh concert?

Since 1998, Kang San-eh has long been a friend before the creation of Pas de Dieux. We met in the downtown district of Los Angeles through a Korean fine artist Youn Woo Chaa, whom San-eh was visiting for an extended period of time. And thus, we shared many adventures.

One evening, at a stuffy diner event at the Korean Embassy in Los Angeles, San-eh was suddenly called out for an impromptu song. No warning, no band, no guitar, he was handed a microphone. Not wanting to let the guests down, he took the mike reluctantly. With a deep breath, he then brought the audience into a rhythm. And then the magic began, he lit up his voice. His fire was so bright that we all forgot that there really wasn’t a band. Imagine sixty-year old Korean business men in three piece suits and diamond cladded wives clapping their hands and crying in joy.

This indelible moment resonates as deeply as seeing a Decroux mime, a truly autonomous artist who has freed himself from the entrapping of accessories in expressing his art. The connection with his body, his voice, his spirit and the audience is all that is required to witness something extraordinary. There is no real formula, he constantly experiments and always surprises. But more importantly, he has a very clear and subtle sense of “justesse” (knowing the right measure) not only as an artist but as a true friend and human being. His lyrics and his music have strongly influenced our theatre creations. His spirit of resistance against the pop-culture machine and governmental injustices has inspired us to continue creating despite the harsh realities of trying to create artistic theater: lack of funds, waning popularity, and the onslaught of marketed entertainment.

If the West has Bob Dylan and Ben Harper, the East has Kang San-eh. It is with a deep pleasure to invite you to reach across the boundaries of art and geography to discover kindred spirits that inspire us to continue on our path less travelled.




Drums : Ki Tae LEE
Keys : Kyung Chun KO
Bassist : Jae Hyeon MIN
Guitar : In Jae BANG



Organisation: Won KIM, Iseo YOUN, Jemina BORACCINO
Press : Jemina BORACCINO
Assistant production : Narae CHOI

French-Korean Press: Yoon Park (Korea-France Communication and Marketing Network)
Video Editing : Anthony Dausseur
Volunteers : Jongsu Lee, Arno Vincendo, Tamas Forrai, Géraldine Denis, Ray Lin, Jung-­hyun Lee, Min-­ok Ahn, Kook-­hea Chang, Sang-­hyun Nam, Eun‐jin Kim, Myung­‐ah Kang, Soo­‐hye Moon

“From beginning to the end, Kang San-eh has succeeded in creating an unique vibe with the audience, a surprising sense of intimacy…”

-Orient Extrême

“The proudest representation of the Korean independent scene.”

-Gong TV

“Kang San-eh has left an indelible mark on the French public with his first concert in Europe.”






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Kang Saneh Bio

The music of Kang San-eh, an intimate mirror of the Korean soul

Kang San-eh expresses through his music a need to transmit a profound intimate writing and does so with a feroce vocal force. At the same time very close and respectful of the popular Korean traditions, he also stretches the boundaries of rock and contemporary influences to present an eclectic mix that is generalized as “Korean folk-rock”.

His first album (Laguyo) reunites the older and newer Korean generations through a pain theme, that of the division of the country. His second album, (Neon hal su isseo: “You can do it”) breathed courage and hope to those who had to endure the difficulties of the 90s. In his third album, (Pitagi), he hopes to lash out a critical message against the social chaos. In 1998, his fourth album (Yeonuh: “Salmon”), the salmon who swims upstream symbolizes the social countercurrents against the austere policies of the post IMF crisis (financial crisis). In the following albums, he references the folk songs of the 70s and 80s, where the Korean soul of an older and obsolete generation is revived. With traditional instruments, he embarks in a presenting a truly unique style.

On stage, he delivers a Korean explosive that can be felt by everyone regardless of age, from children to retirees. Thus, his concerts which include the participation of the spectators remain a true live experience that garners true public affection.

Off stage, he is engaged in supporting independent groups, searching thus to preserve the diversity of the Korean music against the stamping machine of mainstream commercial music.

Since 2003, he embarked on a tour throughout Asia to encounter musicians of diverse horizons: Chinese, Japanese, Philippines and Indians. He then participated in a documentary “Shout of Asia” which aired in Japan in April 2005. This event has led to active collaborations with numerous artists originating from all part of Asia.

The music of Kang San-eh transcends the divides of generations and cultures. It touches a timeless message that can extend far beyond Korea.


1992 Vol.0 Laguyo
1994 Vol.1 Nanun sachungi (I am a teenager)
1996 Vol.2 Pitagi
1998 Vol.3 Yeonuh (saumon)
1999 Vol.4 Haluachim – remake album
2001 Vol.5 Best Live
2002 Vol.6 Kang Young-gul
2008 Vol.7 Mulsugun (Wet towel)
2011 mini-album KISS